What does it really mean to be who you are?


In this episode I talk about what it really means to be who you are. This is one of my favourite topics to speak about. I think that in the current climate, the idea of being who you are has been over-used to the point that it is unclear. Could this mean that we start doing things that we have a strong desire to do which we would not normally do? Does this mean that we dye our hair pink simply because it's our favourite colour? Or is this about speaking our truth, and honouring what is in our heart as opposed to gratifying the urges of our ego?

In the next twenty minutes I share parts of my own personal journey to embracing who I am. I delve into what stops us from being who we are. For example, our fear of vulnerability, and the circumstances that we subconsciously create in our own lives that 'excuse us' from being who we are. 

I hope you enjoy listening x