The Shero's Journey- An interview with Lisa Cherry

In this show, I interview Lisa Cherry who is a Life Change Facilitator. Lisa is an incredible woman with an amazing story. In this episode, she shares her personal experiences of the care system in the UK, and how this has inspired her work with Carers and Social Workers. Lisa wants to bring more humility to those who are responsible for the care of our youth.

Lisa Cherry is also a highly regarded independent Lecturer, Keynote Speaker in trauma, resilience and recovery with a sharp focus on looked after children and the impact on the adult that the child will become. Lisa currently works with schools, carers and social workers on trauma, resilience and recovery. Her mission is to provide accessible, scientifically grounded training to all those working with and around trauma, resilience and recovery.


In addition, Lisa is the author of several books including the Soul Journey, The Brightness of Stars, and Steering the mothership. In today's show, Lisa will share insights about her life's work and her journey.