Realising Your Self-Worth

In this episode, I explore the topic of self-worth, and how realising our self worth improves our quality of life. It is a common issue for many of us, but one that can only be resolved when we give ourselves the time to honour who we are, and what we have to offer the world. 

I am open and honest in this episode about my own issues with self-worth. I will share the tools that supported me, and some exercises that help to maintain a good level of self-worth. 

What does it really mean to be who you are?


In this episode I talk about what it really means to be who you are. This is one of my favourite topics to speak about. I think that in the current climate, the idea of being who you are has been over-used to the point that it is unclear. Could this mean that we start doing things that we have a strong desire to do which we would not normally do? Does this mean that we dye our hair pink simply because it's our favourite colour? Or is this about speaking our truth, and honouring what is in our heart as opposed to gratifying the urges of our ego?

In the next twenty minutes I share parts of my own personal journey to embracing who I am. I delve into what stops us from being who we are. For example, our fear of vulnerability, and the circumstances that we subconsciously create in our own lives that 'excuse us' from being who we are. 

I hope you enjoy listening x

Romantic Relationships - Understanding your partner and taking responsibility!


Kathryn Tornquist is a nurse-Psychotherapist, Certified Energy Medicine practitioner, and Consciousness Coach. For the last 30 years, Kathryn has been working with individuals, and couples in her quest to help people understand themselves in order to achieve more fulfilling relationships in their lives. Kathryn is passionate about working with couples, and believes that so much of the pain that grows in relationships, can be prevented.

In todays show, Lorraine explores the idea of taking responsibility in our relationships. We will also look at the spiritual perspectives of Jon Gottman's love maps and 'the sound relationship house'

Is it really possible to heal someone?

Dr Allan Roach is an invincible Metaphysical Healer who holds batchelor, masters, and doctorate degrees from the university of Metaphysics in Sedona, USA. Dr Roach began his career in the police force as a Senior Police Officer for a number of years, before he had a spiritual awakening. He then chose to answer his calling as a Healer, and works full time in this role. 

Dr Allan Roach considers his main purpose and focus is to improve the lives of others. He brings much love, blessings, and healing to all situations. 

In this episode, Dr Allan Roach shares his expertise and wisdom around the subject of healing. 

Taking that leap from the corporate world An interview with Jill Borsos

In this episode, I interview Jill Borsos. Jill is a catalyst for change as an international Transformation Coach, Intuitive, and CrossDimensional Healer. Through her commitment to the outcome, enthusiasm, collaborative approach, and her intuitive and healing gifts, Jill identifies exactly what is holding you back. She is able to transform the energy of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and emotions in order to support your highest intentions. It is her aim to create clarity of vision and a path to the next evolution of your True Self.

In this show, Jill shares her experience of taking a leap of faith from the corporate world to working for herself, and living on purpose. 

The Shero's Journey- An interview with Lisa Cherry

In this show, I interview Lisa Cherry who is a Life Change Facilitator. Lisa is an incredible woman with an amazing story. In this episode, she shares her personal experiences of the care system in the UK, and how this has inspired her work with Carers and Social Workers. Lisa wants to bring more humility to those who are responsible for the care of our youth.

Lisa Cherry is also a highly regarded independent Lecturer, Keynote Speaker in trauma, resilience and recovery with a sharp focus on looked after children and the impact on the adult that the child will become. Lisa currently works with schools, carers and social workers on trauma, resilience and recovery. Her mission is to provide accessible, scientifically grounded training to all those working with and around trauma, resilience and recovery.


In addition, Lisa is the author of several books including the Soul Journey, The Brightness of Stars, and Steering the mothership. In today's show, Lisa will share insights about her life's work and her journey.