Working for yourself can be the most liberating experience, but can also be quite challenging. You may have a brilliant idea, product or service which you are sharing with the world. Initially, it was all very exciting knowing that you can express yourself, and work towards fulfilling your career aspirations. However, you may have become a little frustrated with the slow pace, and low uptake for your services. You may also be questioning whether you have made the right decision to work for yourself?

There may be some indecision about how you present yourself, your product or service. It is most likely that you may not be working at full capacity, simply because you are unsure about how your existing skills/ talents can add value to your new business. It is common to overlook your unique skills, talents and abilities, perhaps believing that everyone can do what you do! But this oversight is often the cause of your indecision about how to move your business forward.

The Unlock Me programme will help you to shape your offering according to your unique talents, gifts and abilities. It will support you in being seen for your passion and expertise. 


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