Unlock me- 12 week programme

My signature program Unlock me is a career management program for women over 35 who want to create a new career which allows them to express their authentic self, and which gives them a sense of purpose. It is based around the framework of the seven emotional keys to unlock career happiness. It is inspired by the work of Abraham Maslow, Edgar Schein, Carl Jung, combined with the wisdom of ancient civilizations, and metaphysics.

The focus is to transport you from your past to your purpose! 

Unlock me is designed to equip you with the tools to:

*Devise a career roadmap that is directed by your unique skills, talents, abilities, passions and interests
* Create a career or business that is a reflection of your passions, interests and natural way of working
*Strengthen and trust your intuition as a prerequisite for making the right career decisions for you
*Overcome the obstacles that prevent you from fulfilling your career potential
*Boost your confidence in your ability to achieve your career aspirations  




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