"My experience with Lorraine has been very inspiring, firstly I would like to say what an authentic kind and fun person she is, who puts you at ease straight away.
She also gives a very clear explanation of what your reading means and how it takes you into your future. It helps with the guidance of how and where to take your business, gives clarity to you fully understand your strengths.
Lorraine is always ready and will to give you time when things crop up.
A massive thank you to Lorraine , this was the first time I had experienced this type of reading, I would highly recommend it to gain personal insight."

Penny Beere, Life Coach UK


"Lorraine has been an angel to me during a difficult time of my life. I found the Unique Soul Breakthrough session extremely enlightening, and life changing. It confirmed to me the right path that I should be taking. It truly made me feel like I got to know myself in a completely unique way! Who ever knew this was possible! I highly recommend Lorraine one hundred percent! She is exceptional!"

Salsarah  Coming soon!


"I worked with Lorraine on a Unique Soul Breakthrough Session. During our time together I gained greater clarity on the people I can best serve and also invaluable insights about how my life to date has equipped me in an exceptional way.

As a result I am excited and confident about my future work and creating an impact on the world."

Carol Mae Whittick, Female & Creative Empowerment