When you know what you were born to do, you can create a career that is most satisfying and successful. A passion for your work will naturally emerge. You will be recognised for your unique talents and skills as opposed to being undervalued because you are doing the same as everyone else. Furthermore, your passion for your work will develop more confidence in your ability to do your job well.


Whether you are thinking about leaving the corporate world or looking for a new role, it is crucial that you find work that is aligned to your unique talents, gifts, and skills.

In this Intuitive Career Reading Lorraine Whyte uses numerology and astrology to gain insight into the work that you were born to do. 


You will discover:


- Your dormant unique talents and skills that have been previously overlooked

- The career path that will bring you the most satisfaction and success

- The industries which would most benefit from your expertise

- How your working experience has prepared you for the work that you were born to do

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