Unique Soul Breakthrough Session

This transformative breakthrough session will provide clarity around your unique soul purpose. It will give you insight into your unique talents, abilities, and gifts . I will effectively give you insight into what makes you unique.

This session involves an in depth numerology reading with traditional career management strategies. 

The Unique Soul Breakthrough session will:

-Show you the best route for YOU to fulfil your true potential 

-Your personal map for career satisfaction and business success 

-Give you insight into how to create a business or career that serves your purpose

-Boost your confidence in your ability to achieve your career aspirations

-Show you how you can be recognised for your expertise in your chosen field


This powerful breakthrough session is for you if:


- You are at a career crossroads and you are unsure which route to take

- You are a solopreneur and want to gain insight into how you can refine your service offering

- You are thinking about working for yourself but not sure where to start

- You want to stand out from the crowd but not sure what makes you different


This session requires your full birth name as it is on your birth certificate and your date of birth.