Lorraine Whyte is a UK based Intuitive Business Consultant, known as 'The Soul purpose Liberator'. 

I show Coaches how to create an authentic business that is aligned to their unique soul purpose, so that they can have a profitable, and rewarding business.

As a Coach, you play an important role in the personal development of others. I believe that you are special, you are significant, and most of all you are here to make a difference. So I am glad to be able to serve you and support you in being the best, most authentic Coach that you can be!

My Back Story

My working life began twenty years ago in the corporate world. I pursued a successful career in recruitment and human resources. I worked for companies like Manpower, the Bank of New York Mellon, Reuters as it was known back then, Nestle, and the Publicis group which is a global media company. I learnt so much about business and how large corporations operate. I also observed just how powerful we are as a working group of people with unique skillsets

In 2006, I left the corporate world. I realised that I had a gift for seeing talent in others, and a passion for pulling that talent out of them, thus allowing it to shine. I had an urge to do things my way. So a year later, I established my own boutique recruitment consultancy specialising in Public Relations and Communications. My focus was to support candidates in achieving their career aspirations rather than just placing them in a job. I ensured that the candidate experience was transformational as opposed to transactional.

It was here that I began coaching candidates to find their dream job. I showed them how to differentiate themselves from other candidates through highlighting their unique, God-given skills, talents and abilities. 

This was my first six-figure business. I enjoyed the flexibility of working for myself, and I was proud of the fact that I did things differently! And it worked!

All was well until upheaval struck in my personal life. I subsequently went through a divorce, and my business broke down. It was these experiences that greatly impacted my approach. My life was unrecognisable and so was I! The hardest task at hand was to reinvent myself after losing every physical thing that I thought constituted my identity. This included my marriage, my business, my house, amonsgt other things.  

uddenly I was a single parent to three little boys under the age of 6! For a while I was in that 'why me' zone but this served as the impetus for delving deeper into the world of self discovery.  As a result, I became entranced by the concept of 'purpose'. I became engrossed in metaphysical concepts like the law of attraction, numerology and astrology. I began to accept and nurture my own intuitive ability which I had been using unknowingly throughout my career in recruitment!

I became aware that our unique soul purpose is not a destination, it is the very essence of who we are. It is the reason why we do what we do. When we serve our purpose we are essentially honouring our 'soul self'.

Today, I adopt a soul-inspired approach to helping Coaches like you, create an authentic soul-aligned business; so that you can attract the clients whom you were born to serve. I combine numerology, and astrology, with modern business solutions. My unique service is powerful, and transformative. 

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