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Discover your USP (EVENT FOR WOMEN)

Are you thinking of escaping the corporate world to work for yourself, but not sure what your business proposition should be?

Are you self-employed or a solopreneur and finding it hard to stand out from the crowd?

Do you struggle with creating a niche for yourself in your industry?

This workshop is for you.

Lorraine will help you discover your unique selling point - the thing that makes you different from everybody else, so that you can share it with the world.

Many associate the concept of USP with large corporations or products. But having your own, personal USP is crucial if:

·         You are looking to transition out of the corporate world and work for yourself instead.

·         You are self-employed and looking to define your position in the marketplace.

·         If you are looking to make any career move.

You may still see education and experience as bargaining tools for career success. But it is now uniqueness and creativity that are most valued in this age of intelligence. Your personality, expertise, and ability to generate ideas and innovation are the main assets that will move your career or business forward much quicker.

It is crucial to understand what you have to offer, and how this is valued in your industry today. Think more about how your knowledge and expertise can improve your industry, instead of  how you 'fit in'. What exciting ideas can you bring to your field to create new ways of working, new perceptions, services or products. How can you make a difference?

There are so many opportunities for you to step up and make a difference in our world but that difference evolves from your uniqueness. When we accept and acknowledge who we are, quirks and all, we become powerful. If we can work on ourselves to discover more of who we are, we can create more successful businesses and fulfilling careers.

This fun workshop is designed to help you to rediscover yourself and understand your soul’s purpose. You have much to share with the world. Lorraine is committed to helping you discover your uniqueness. She will introduce you to a new formula for finding your USP. This comprises of a group numerology reading at the end of the workshop. You will be given a personalised numerology chart detailing the unique talents, abilities and gifts that are encoded in your birth name.

You will learn:

·         How to find the one thing that makes YOU different from everybody else.

·         How to break through the fear of fully embracing your uniqueness.

·         How to harness your strengths and passions to develop your USP.

·         How to ascertain the value of your uniqueness in your industry.