Sharon Curry

Sharon had left the corporate world to pursue a career in coaching. Sharon was previously a successful Regional Business Manager with a global pharmaceutical company. Her extensive management experience, and aptitude for people development insured her potential to be a fantastic Coach! However, Sharon doubted her ability to be the Coach that she wanted to be. She was also unsure about her niche, her target audience, and whether she could make a living from being a Coach. 

It was my intention to support Sharon in building a coaching practice which was aligned to her soul. It would be a business which championed her life experience in addition to her expertise (unique skills, talents, and abilities). She would get clear on her niche, and target audience whom I refer to as her soul tribe.

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Ultimately, Sharon would be confident enough to go back out into the world doing the work that she was born to do!

During our time together, Sharon shared that she was a breast cancer survivor who had undergone conventional treatment. This was understandably a very difficult period of her life that led to much soul searching. It was interesting to hear Sharon's story of her recovery, not just physically, but also emotionally, and mentally. She had chosen to use alternative therapies to aid this process. In a few sessions, it became apparent that Sharon had extensive knowledge, and wisdom about the impact of breast cancer after treatment. We also unleashed her passion for empowering women after breast cancer. 

Using my numerology and astrology matrix, I showed Sharon that her expertise is invaluable to her soul tribe. Her unique gifts and talents afford her the ability to support women to move forward after breast cancer. I uncovered that Sharon is here to enlighten others about alternative ways of healing/ health. She worked with my team and I to create her brand, and enliven her passion. As a result, she attracted offers to appear on radio, and in editorial publications. Today, Sharon empowers women after breast cancer, and can be found at

Karen Bashford

Karen is a certified Coach who came to me to understand her unique soul purpose, and how she can align this to her business. 

Karen is a very spiritual woman with gifts in clairvoyance, tarot divination, inner child work, and money mindset to name but a few! Prior to becoming a Coach, Karen had a successful career in banking spanning twenty years. She also worked for herself for a period of time. 

Karen has a deep understanding of people, and knew instinctively how to help them to be successful in business.

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Karen served her clients through helping them to heal their emotional blocks, often stemming from their childhood issues (inner child work).

It was my intention to pull Karen's expertise and experience together, in order to build an authentic coaching business using numerology and astrology.

During our time together, Karen shared her success of building her own business, whilst experiencing personal issues. During this time she developed her interests in divination. This served as an outlet in which she discovered her soul gifts. It became apparent that Karen was able to help people to create a vision for their business, and guide them to achieve their goals.

Using my numerology and astrology matrix, I showed Karen that she is here to help others to understand their physical lives in a spiritual context. Intuitively, I picked up from her numbers, that her expertise lies in business/ finance, health and wellbeing. I saw that Karen's business could potentially be very influential, and therefore, media opportunities would come her way once she positioned herself well. 

Today Karen guides business women to success combining her business acumen with her spiritual gifts. She can be found at

Penny Beere


Penny is a certified Coach who previously had her own hairdressing business spanning twenty years. Penny came to me to get clarity on her niche, target market (soul tribe) and service offering.

 The numbers helped me to identify her unique gifts, talents, abilities, and her soul purpose. I saw that Penny is a Teacher at heart.  Penny also had spiritual gifts of intuition and healing. In addition, her love for colour shone through her chart. This was also evidenced in her work as a Hairdresser; colour was her speciality!

Penny shared that she had rebuilt her life after losing everything as a result of a divorce. During this time, she ran her own hairdressing business, whilst studying psychology, NLP, and Coaching. Penny did the inner work on herself in order to effectively rebuild her life, and gain 

In addition to Penny's gifts, we uncovered her calling of supporting women after divorce. We created a service offering in which Penny puts the 'colour' back into the lives of those who have experienced the doom and gloom of divorce. Penny effectively shows women how to reinvent themselves and rebuild their lives after divorce. She uses colour therapy alongside transformational coaching techniques. 

Penny has gone on to attract speaking engagements, create a meet-up group, and business collaborations. 

Penny can be found at