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Welcome! I am an intuitive Life and Career Strategist. I work with women over the age of 30 who long to uncover more of their true selves as a strategy for career satisfaction and a sense of purpose.

We are all born with gifts and talents that shape who we are. But when we don't recognise these gifts, we hide our light and prevent our talents from fully developing. Consequently we attract jobs that do not make use of our full potential, and as a result we become disengaged.  Alternatively, working for yourself becomes a struggle because you simply do not stand out from the crowd in your chosen field of work. This can often leave us with low self-esteem,  feeling empty. lost and confused.

But you have much to share with the world.

I will help you reconnect with your authentic self so you can  experience success and satisfaction at the deepest level.

My work is about helping you to rediscover yourself and understand your soul purpose. I am committed to showing you how to use your uniqueness to serve and have a career you love or the business you desire.

I’ll share my own intuitive insights to guide and help you identify your strengths, gifts and talents.

In addition, I will intuit strategies that will work for you, whilst introducing you to modalities and spiritual techniques that will boost your long-term fulfilment and happiness.

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